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Jenny has found an opportunity later in life to pursue and experiment with her love of art and drawing.


Born and educated in England she moved to South Africa 30 years ago and has since moved steadily north with her husband living in Swaziland, Zambia and now Uganda.


The people and places she has lived inspire her to try and capture, simply and sensitively, both the people and the wildlife. 


Jenny's never happier than in her art space on her veranda on a sugar estate close to Lake Victoria with a brush, pencil and ink pen in hand! 

Her ultimate aim is to try to capture human emotions with just a few strokes of a paintbrush or pen.

Most of the profits from the sales of Jenny's art relevant to Uganda go to the Rays of Hope Hospice in Jinja. The profits from her wildlife drawings and paintings go to international conservation projects including the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and Rhino Conservation South Africa.

In this time of COVID-19 all proceeds of her art go to her Corona Care Fund. Corona Care serves the community where she lives by providing resources to help feed the increasing number of unemployed and people living in poverty. Sadly, in Uganda, lockdown has meant for many no work = no money, no money = no food. Jenny is also part of the Artists Support Pledge.

One of a kind frames

Jenny sells most of her artwork mounted and framed and does most of the framing herself. Using sustainably grown pine and msizi from Green Resources - Busoga Forestry and with the help of a carpenter, glazier and painters it keeps the production local and benefiting the surrounding community in some small way.

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